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Designing Aircraft Like Tesla’s EVs Could Change the Aerospace Industry


When electric vehicles first came to the market, they mostly consisted of automotive manufacturers taking gas powered chassis, removing the engine, and replacing everything with electric components. In essence, EVs for a long time were retrofitted vehicles, rarely designed from the ground up.

While the industry has slowly started to evolve out of this design process, Tesla was one of the first to design the car around the battery. This means that Tesla built a car shaped battery and then built the car on top of it. This concept allowed their vehicles to reach incredible ranges compared to the competition and proved core to their business model.

A former Tesla engineer has taken this design concept into the world of aviation. He is designing drones that are almost entirely made up of batteries, in some cases allowing the drone to fly for upwards of two hours. Modern drones often suffer from the design process drawbacks of early EVs. In other words, the drone is designed and then the battery fitted after the fact.

This has resulted in drones getting around 25 minutes of flight time on the high end. By designing batteries to perfectly fit drone bodies, engineers can pack higher and higher energy density into a similarly sized drone. Check out everything this Ex-Tesla engineer is doing with his company in a video from CNBC below!

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