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VRED Render It 2016

There is still time to vote!

On August 8th, the top 14 entries from the top designers from 7 countries across the globe began a competition unlike any other – VRED Render IT 2016.  Now through Friday, August 12 at 4pm Eastern (GMT-4) you can search under “#VREDRenderIt2016” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and like, share and retweet your favorites – your votes will determine who walks away with the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
Winners will be announced via Facebook Live Stream broadcast on Wednesday, August 17 at 11am Eastern (GMT-4).

The top finalists:

Mennonna Alessandro - VW Bus
“VW Bus” by Mennonna Alessandro (Italy)
Pierre-Paul Andriani - Tata Hexa
“Tata Hexa” by Pierre-Paul Andriani (UK)















Ian Arriagada - Helicopter
“Helicopter” by Ian Arriagada (Chile)



Felix Berndt - Porche 918 Spyder
“Porche 918 Spyder” by Felix Berndt (Germany)

John Brennan - Room Interior
“Room Interior” by John Brennan (USA)

Dany Bullet - Air Force One
“Air Force One” by Dany Bullet (Dominican Republic)
Keith Burden - Formula 1
“Formula 1” by Keith Burden (UK)

Shouvik Dutta - Bee
“Bee” by Shouvik Dutta (India)
















Tristin Guerrero - Track Bike Design
“Track Bike Design” by Tristin Guerrero (UK)



Dawn McArdle - Ford GT Track
“Ford GT Track” by Dawn McArdle (USA)



Arthur Nustas - Aston Red

“Aston Red” by Arthur Nustas (UK)

Cor Steenstra - Lotus 72D Front 2
“Lotus72D Front 2” by Cor Steenstra (USA)


Christian Woelful - Leica M
“Leica M” by Christian Woelful (Germany)




Ben Wong - Mars Exploration Rover 2030

“Mars Exploration Rover 2030” by Ben Wong (UK)









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