The IoT and The Automotive Industry


It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m attempting to run a load of laundry for my next business trip (flight leaves in less than 3 hours). There’s some sort of indicator light on the washing machine that has no symbol or explanation and all I know is that it is not functioning properly. My wife is nowhere to be found and I now debate whether or not I have time to go buy a new set of socks  on my way to the airport. My teenage son turns to me and says, “You know, Dad. There’s an app for that.”


What? My washing machine has an app? So, sure enough I open the app and it self-diagnoses and repairs. I still don’t fully understand what went wrong in the first place, but my laundry is now running and I have a chance to make it to the plane on time wearing fresh socks.

Imagine if it were my car. It won’t start or something isn’t right. Do I have time to run it to the shop? Does it need to be towed?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to the automotive world and will have major impact on the driver experience and the way cars are serviced and maintained.

The future is in remote diagnostics, software/firmware updates, and conveniences that come with being “connected”.

But, when things are connected they are also vulnerable. Friendly cyber hackers managed to crash a Jeep into a ditch from a mile away. How can the “Things” in the IOT be protected? What about other “Things” on the networks that these devices are connected to? Is my home network vulnerable to attacks now that my washing machine is online?

This topic will continue to be one of careful consideration and review as the convergence between automotive makers and programmers continues to emerge. How long will it be before connected cars are the norm? Which types of factories and mechanics will be able to stay relevant? How will the education of mechanics and the required skillset evolve?
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Ananda Arasu is a Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk with focus on Automotive products and solutions. Ananda has a background in applications engineering, product management and product marketing. He has been with Autodesk for over 4 years in a product marketing capacity, with a focus on automotive solutions.His aim is to understand automotive customer needs and communicate the ways in which Autodesk’s products can best meet those needs.

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