The Arbitrariness of Things


Last week I was in a photo studio to get pictures for my passport. While I was waiting, I looked around. They had many examples of their work displayed. With my camera I am taking lots of pictures, but there is a big difference between them and the ones displayed. Regardless of how good my equipment is, I lack skills of composing and lighting. In the shop it became obvious to me that professional work might not be for everyone.

This made me think of 3D NURBS modeling. Being able to operate a software does not mean being able to create a shape for Product/Car Design. Besides mastering the User Interface of a software, one needs to understand the 3D shapes, engineering requirements, and combining them both.

In Social Media you can find lots of job offers and searches. Regarding the world of free form modeling, lots of offerings talk about experience with a special 3D software. However, this doesn’t qualify at all for such a job because the essential thing is the feeling for 3D and freeform shapes! A User Interface in a software program can be learned easily!

Today I see a trend of giving access to special tasks to everybody such as there is no special task anymore. The example is photography. Everybody can buy a camera for shooting photos. But the camera doesn’t guarantee a good picture at all.

Besides the idea that highest quality cannot be achieved by non-specialists, I also would like to please my eyes with good design, good styling, and a sense in the things around me.

That is why I question the trend that everybody should be able to do everything. I still like to buy a car that was designed by somebody who learned this profession, I still want to live in a house that was made by builders who had to prove their skills. Even the little things in life should be done with a high approach to quality and design and I don’t believe that this can be done by anybody!

I do believe in having, learning and expressing classic values that have to be earned. Each value is more or less connected to precision, durability, and consequence. All this requires time and dedication.

Since both cannot be expected to be invested by everybody, we need people who are specially trained for certain things and we need to accept at the same time that they are probably not good in other things.

As long as we expect absolute quality we could question the idea of enabling everybody to do the job!

Profile photo of Uwe Rossbacher
Uwe Rossbacher brings 16 years of experience in industrial design and 3D surface modeling in the automotive industry to his role as Industry specialist for Technical Surfacing/Styling at Autodesk.

Uwe has a deep knowledge of automotive concept design and technical surfacing and currently focuses on coordinating the Alias development and design teams to build Alias Automotive and Alias Surface. In his role Uwe is identifying and defining market and user requirements. He communicates with automotive designers worldwide to enable his development teams to come up with leading edge technology each release.

Before joining Alias, Uwe held marketing and technical positions at ICEM. Most recently Uwe worked at the VW concept studio in Potsdam, Germany.

Uwe received a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Technical design from the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany.


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